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It’s good to have natural grass in your lawn, but is it really worth the efforts you will have to put in later for the maintenance? While you may get too busy to mow the lawn time and again, we take out the hassle by providing the finest EU manufactured artificial grass for your property of any size or architectural variation. Artificial Grass Direct can save you a great deal of time and hassle in a cost-effective manner. Offered artificial grass is a one-time investment that will stay there in its sheer glory for years to come. Are you concerned about the look and feel? Fret not! Our products are designed to exhibit the natural appeal and you’d be glad to know that they comply with the highest quality standards.

Artificial Grass Direct has been there in the business for more than a decade, which means we have got the expertise that it takes to deliver the right product for any sort of requirement. We have you covered!

You may run into several other options available on the market and may get perplexed by the extensive range of products to choose from. Further, it is not advisable to settle on one type of product just by looking at it as there are certain factors, like thickness, look and feel, which can influence your purchase. With Artificial Grass Direct at your back, you can never go wrong with your purchase.

What Makes Our Artificial Grass Special?

We offer artificial grass that has higher GSM value (grams per square metre), meaning the grass strands are closely packed to form a dense pile; hence, durable and hard-wearing.

Talking about quality and other attributes, natural grass loses out to artificial grass. Artificial grass arrives in the same texture but unlike natural grass, it does not decay over time and neither does it attract harmful insects. Therefore, your kids and pets can play around and relax in the lawn without bearing any kind of skin allergy, which is quite common with natural grass. Moreover, artificial grass remains the same size and seeks little to no maintenance.

We source artificial grass from reputed brands, including Arizona, Windsor, Warwick Luxury and Chelsea grass. These manufacturers offer UV protection guarantee up to 10 years. This means that you need not worry about the constant exposure to sunlight; thus, you can install it anywhere under the sun. Further provisions can be made for water drainage as well so that you do not have to get on your toes when it pours. The rainwater will make its way out on its own.

How do we manage to offer artificial grass at a competitive price?

Owing to our bulk buying capacity and direct dealings with the manufacturer, we offer artificial grass at a bargain. We can let you save up to 50% on your purchase of artificial grass from us. Over our tenure so far, we have sold fake grass, with thickness ranging from 6mm to 40mm, to many homeowners and commercial entities across the UK, catering to their individual requirements spot on.

Whether you want to enhance your property’s curb appeal or want a perfect looking backdrop for your model photoshoot or exhibition, Artificial Grass Direct offers the most suitable solutions at a price tailored to your budget.

Our online presence certainly helps our prospective clients to connect with us quickly and explore our wide range of products from the comfort of their home. As a customer, you can get a free installation guide from our website to make your DIY installation process a piece of cake. It should walk you through overlaying the grass through to maintenance and replacement. If you are pressed for time or in case you do not wish to take the unnecessary installation hassle, our experts can help you right away. Give us a call to get a no-obligation installation quote.

In case you are after natural look and feel

We understand that you would not want your artificial lawn to look absurd and out of the context. This is the reason why our experts take the pains to handpick the right product that should blend in naturally with the surroundings and give the appearance of real grass.

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