Bargain Bin - Roll Ends, Off Cuts, B-Grade Stock

Our wide range of artificial grass bargain bin products are perfect for a variety of scenarios. Whether you need a small amount of artificial grass to finish lining your lawn.

These small pieces and off-cuts of fake grass are the same great quality as our complete rolls, but are much cheaper and offer a versatile option for when you only need small amounts.

These off cuts are, typically, taken from larger orders. As part of our commitment to environmentally-friendly production and delivery, we repurpose these off-cuts to prevent our high-quality products from going to waste.

When we sell our off cuts of artificial grass, we make sure that nothing is added or taken away. We offer a consistently high quality across our products, whether you’re looking for off cuts or full rolls.

If you’re looking for cheap artificial grass offcuts, or affordable Astro Turf alternatives, get in touch today. We can help you to find exactly the right size of artificial grass roll ends or off cuts to suit your needs.

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