What Goes Under Artificial Grass?

Creating a lush and low-maintenance artificial grass lawn involves more than just laying down the astro turf. A solid foundation is key to ensuring your synthetic grass looks great and lasts a long time. Let’s dive into what goes under artificial grass and the essential steps to set it up for success.

Crushed Stone/Gravel Base

Underneath your artificial grass, it’s helpful to have a layer of crushed stone or gravel. This isn’t just for looks – it helps water drain away, keeps your lawn even, and gives support to the artificial grass.

Paver Base

Think of paver base as the strong backbone for your artificial lawn. It helps with drainage, makes the grass more stable, and is especially good if your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic.

Compacted Soil

Some people use compacted soil as a base, but be careful! It needs to be super solid, so water doesn’t hang around and make your lawn soggy. This works better in places where water drains well.


Sand is like the smoothing agent for your lawn. It helps make the surface nice and even. Plus, it’s great for drainage, so water doesn’t stick around where it shouldn’t.


Ever thought about adding a bit of cushion to your lawn? That’s where padding comes in. It’s like a soft layer under your artificial grass, making it comfier to walk or play on.

Optional Layers

Weed Membrane

Worried about weeds sneaking in? A weed membrane is like a protective shield that stops them from growing underneath your artificial grass.


Infill is like the magic ingredient. It’s usually made of sand or rubber, and it helps your grass stay standing tall. It also gives your lawn that natural look and feel.

What Goes Under Artificial Grass? Unveiling the Perfect Lawn

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, let’s dive deeper into the final steps of creating the ideal foundation for your artificial grass. From smoothing out the surface to adding the finishing touches, these steps will transform your lawn into a green haven.

Smoothing Out the Surface with Sand

Once you’ve got your base set up, it’s time for the magic touch – sand. Spread it evenly over the surface to create a smooth and level foundation for your artificial grass. Sand not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also aids in proper drainage, keeping your lawn dry and ready for action.

Adding a Comfortable Layer with Padding

Thinking about adding a bit of luxury to your lawn? Padding is like a comfy mattress for your artificial grass. Lay it down before installing the turf, and you’ll notice the difference when you walk or play on your plush, padded lawn.

The Optional Layers – Weed Membrane and Infill

Weed Membrane:
Worried about unwelcome guests like weeds? Lay down a weed membrane to keep them at bay. This extra layer acts as a barrier, preventing weeds from poking through and interrupting the beauty of your artificial grass.

Infill is the secret sauce for a fantastic-looking lawn. Whether it’s made of sand or rubber, infill helps your grass stand tall and proud. It also gives your lawn that natural look and feel. Spread it evenly over the turf, and your artificial grass will thank you with longevity and resilience.

Perfecting the Base – Moistening and Compacting

Before you finish up, give the layers a bit of moisture. It helps them bond better. Then, bring out the heavy-duty equipment – compactors. Go over each layer to make sure everything is tightly packed and ready for the grand reveal.

Edge Restraints for that Polished Look

To keep everything in check and looking tidy, install some edge restraints. They not only provide a boundary for your artificial grass but also give it a polished and finished appearance. It’s like the frame for a beautiful picture – it brings everything together.

Bottom Line: The Recipe for a Stunning Artificial Lawn

By following these steps and adding the right ingredients beneath your artificial grass, you’re setting the stage for a stunning and long-lasting lawn. The foundation we’ve created ensures proper drainage, stability, and a natural feel. We explored what goes under artificial grass, and put the finishing touches on your pathway to a dream lawn. Your artificial grass is now ready to turn heads and make your outdoor space the talk of the town!

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