Pet 30mm

£12.99 Per Sq Mtr

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  • Polyurethane backed so urine smell is not absorbed
  • Nice shade of green
  • Total weight: 2150 Grams Per Sq Mtr
  • Stitch rate: 20 Per 10cm Linear
  • Tuft Gauge: 3/8″

Please Note:

2m & 4m widths will both colour / batch match perfectly

5m wide is a stand alone product and will not colour / batch match the 2m & 4m widths


Pet 30mm is a really nice looking grass which has a polyurethane backing meaning fluids are repelled and urine smells are not absorbed into the backing.

Firstly there is a difference between “Pet Friendly” and “Pet Specific

Pet friendly is pretty much all artificial grass – why?, because against real grass and other landscape options, Arificial Grass does not stain (real grass goes yellow and even dies). And because Artificial Grass is porous, any liquids go through the product.

Artificial Grass is also soft on paws and when you compare to hard landscape alternatives such as stones, gravel etc (which can even damage pets paws) you can see that dogs and cats love to play, walk and run on Artificial Grass.

So nearly all Artificial Grasses,  are “Pet Friendly” however....

Now to “Pet Specific”.

Regular Artificial Grass is made with latex to bond the backing. Two problems with this 1) Some dogs can be allergic to latex and can get a reaction.  Not too great of a risk but still a concern for dog owners. 2) pets like to urinate in the same places. With a regular Artificial Grass, this means over time an area of latex will break down and disintegrate.  One problem with this is pile retention, the pile will easily come out when the latex has disintegrated.  It will also start to smell when the latex gets more and more absorbed with urine.

Pet Specific (for example polyurethane backings) use no latex and is totally synthetic. Therefore the product will not break down, the pile will be retained and the smell will be less (still needs to be washed regularly.).  Also without the latex the issue there is less risk of an allergic reaction.  So this makes the product “Pet Specific”.  Also has an oval shape extrusion so does not have a spikey feeling on the paws.

The key difference is that it is polyurethane backed meaning fluids are repelled and therefore urine smells are not absorbed into the backing.

Colourwise- this product uses a mix of light and dark green fibres with a beige field-jute thatch which provides a really natural, dark green shade.

Pet 30mm is quality manufactured and meets stringent EU quality requirements. This really will make your garden look a million dollars as well as making life so much easier as a pet owner.

  • 2m & 4m widths available
  • UV stabilized
  • Pet specific & child friendly
  • Thickness = 30mm
  • Total Weight: 2150 GSM
  • Stitch rate: 20 per 10cm linear
  • Tuft Gauge: 3/8″
  • Standard max roll length: 25m
  • Drainage Holes: Yes
  • No Sand Infill Required

Please note, all cuts on the same order will come from the same batch so you can order 2m & 4m and they will match perfectly.

When joining, please ensure that the pile direction runs the same way, otherwise it will look as though two different grasses have been laid.

A weed membrane is required for all artificial grass installations. With pet specific grasses we recommend laying this under the hardcore lower down not directly before the grass.

Don’t forget your essential accessories…

Geotextile Weed Membrane

Aquabond Adhesive

Each 310ml cartridge covers 3 – 4 linear metres.

Joining Tape

Separate Aquabond Adhesive is needed with this joining tape.

6″ Fixing Nails (50pk)

Our recommendation is to use 1 nail every 30cm.
Pack of 50 Nails

5 reviews for Pet 30mm

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Having looked around for artificial grass I found direct grass to be very cost effective and the communication was great, sample arrived promptly, the grass itself looks good and delivery was good.very happy 😊

  2. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    The product looks so good now it has been laid. Ordering & delivery was easy, once I has decided on the right product due to having 2 dogs. The dogs love the grass & love to play in it.

  3. Tracey (verified owner)

    Great communication and excellent quality. Would definitely recommend

  4. Bujar D. (verified owner)


  5. Pete Smith (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product but I paid £85 for the 1-3 working day delivery and it didn’t arrive until the forth day.

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