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Easy fix water buffering solution.

60cm x 60cm tile that allows for 30l of water to be held per square meter (tile depth is 30mm).

Easy click and connect fixing solution saves time and effort on installation.

Perfect for areas where drainage may be an issue such as when laying onto concrete, balconies, decking or areas surrounding hot-tubs/ swimming pools.

Increases durability and lifespan of your grass through increased airflow and helps to reduce odours in gardens with pets.

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Drainage for Artificial GrassDrainbase is an innovative, artificial grass drainage system which provides a perfectly permeable sub-base for use with with artificial turf. This product is particularly useful for areas where drainage may be an issue and provides a number of benefits for your artificial grass.

- Increases durability and lifespan of your grass through increased airflow
- Eliminates issues with drainage and puddling as allows for 30l of water to be held per square meter
- Reduces odours caused by stagnation of pet urine
- Reduces amount of hardcore sub-base required to provide a substantial surface for your grass
- Saves time on installation due to easy click and connect fixing solution

As well as a regular garden installation this product is ideal for use on balconies, decked areas, concrete and tarmac areas with poor drainage and hot-tub bases.

The product is made from 100% recycled HDPE and is 100% recyclable after it's useful life. It also helps our planet by increasing groundwater thus keeping our lakes and rivers full and aiding the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Artificial grass has a permeability rate of 60 litres/min. Drainbase allows the water time to naturally soak away.

Bespoke fixings are also available. You simply insert the peg where you want to fix your grass and secure with the self tapping screw. We recommend 1 fixing in each corner and then 1 in every tile around the perimeter. Alternitively you could fix the grass with aquabond adhesive but this is a permanant fixing and can not be uplifted.

If you are wanting a more refined finish to your grass there is also a stylish edging trim which masks the rough edge of the grass and is so well designed it's a feature in itself.

Tile dimensions are 60cm x 60cm with a depth of 30mm.

Please view the table below to calculate how many tiles you require for your project.

Artificial Grass Drainage Solution

7 reviews for Drainbase

  1. Adrian C. (verified owner)

    Very easy

  2. Adrian C. (verified owner)

    Good quality although expands in heat so best to leave some space

  3. Galina (verified owner)

    As expected packed with care on small managable piles

  4. Judith N. (verified owner)

    Very helpful, prompt, accommodating and friendly. Great doing business with them

  5. Stephen T. (verified owner)

    Great idea, I have used this on both of my jobs

  6. Barry Howard (verified owner)

    Really pleased with product best and only one on market designed for job used in disused swimming pool highly recommended

  7. Faye (verified owner)

    Easy to join and cut. Very stable.

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