Bogata 30mm – 5m Wide Only Sample


  • Resilient and natural looking product
  • Great for gardens with heavy foot traffic
  • A natural, dark green colour
  • Total weight: 2285 Grams Per Sq Mtr
  • Stitch rate: 15 Per 10cm Linear
  • Tuft Gauge: 3/8″

Please Note:

2m & 4m widths will both colour / batch match perfectly

5m wide is a stand alone product and will not colour / batch match the 2m & 4m widths


Bogata 30 Artificial Grass is one of our best seller in the Premium range. This is the perfect starter grass with an increased depth of pile which provides a more natural look and feel. It utilises straight polyethylene and curled polypropylene C-shape fibres which help to provide real spine and ensure that the grass looks great all year round, despite heavy foot traffic and adverse weather conditions.

Manufactured by Holland's largest artificial grass producer, the Buckshaw 30mm is made to the highest of standards so will add life to any garden and look great for many years ahead.

  • 5m wide only
  • UV stabilized
  • Pet & child friendly
  • Thickness = 30mm
  • Total Weight: 2285 GSM
  • Stitch rate: 15 per 10cm linear
  • Tuft Gauge: 3/8"
  • Standard max roll length: 25m
  • Drainage Holes: Yes
  • No Sand Infill Required

Want something with more weight and density? Check out the Chester 30mm.

Please note, all cuts on the same order will come from the same batch so you can order 2m & 4m and they will match perfectly.

When joining, please ensure that the pile direction runs the same way, otherwise it will look as though two different grasses have been laid.

A weed membrane is required for all artificial grass installations. This can be found within the accessories category.

This product is protected for 6000 UV hours which meets the DIN 53387 Standard. In the UK, 6000 UV hours provides 10 years of ultraviolet stability and protection.
This product has a total weight of 2285 grams per square meter. GSM is a good indicator of quality - generally the higher the grams per square meter, the more densely woven the yarn. Stitch rate and yarn quality are also important factors.
The C-shaped yarn is the best quality yarn available. This provides real spine to the grass fibre and gives it that bounce-back-ability meaning your grass will stand taller for longer despite heavy traffic or poor weather conditions.
This product is built to last and withstand intensive use. Whether you have sporting children, regular garden parties or an array of garden furniture, this is the product that will endure it all.
This artificial grass is manufactured in Europe, specifically for the UK market, and meets strict European standards and guidelines.
This product does not contain any harmful substances or sharp compounds. Your children will be free to play and roam the garden safely, and year-round, without creating the usual mess that would come with real turf.
This product is safe and suitable for all pets and wildlife. Your pets will be free to explore the garden year-round without bringing mucky paws back through the house.
Be sure to keep on top of cleaning to help reduce odours that will soak into the backing of your grass.
All of our products are non-toxic and can be fully recycled – even the backing and tuft bind can be melted down to create new products. Artificial grass also helps to reduce carbon emissions as it removes the need for lawn movers, strimmers and scarifiers. Finally, artificial grass does not require water (apart from the occasional hose down for cleaning purposes).

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Choose Width:

5m (16ft 4")

Select Length:

1m (3ft 3"), 1.25m (4ft 1"), 1.50m (4ft 9"), 1.75m (5ft 7"), 2m (6ft 6"), 2.25m (7ft 4"), 2.50m (8ft 2"), 2.75m (9ft), 3m (9ft 8"), 3.25m (10ft 7"), 3.50m (11ft 5"), 3.75m (12ft 3"), 4m (13ft 1"), 4.25m (13ft 9"), 4.50m (14ft 8"), 4.75m (15ft 6"), 5m (16ft 4"), 5.25m (17ft 2"), 5.50m (18ft), 5.75m (18ft 9"), 6m (19ft 7"), 6.25m (20ft 5"), 6.50m (21ft 3"), 6.75m (22ft 1"), 7m (22ft 10"), 7.25m (23ft 8"), 7.50m (24ft 6"), 7.75m (25ft 4"), 8m (26ft 2"), 8.25m (27ft 1"), 8.50m (27ft 9"), 8.75m (28ft 7"), 9m (29ft 5), 9.25m (30ft 3"), 9.50m (31ft 2"), 9.75m (31ft 10"), 10m (32ft 8"), 10.25m (33ft 6"), 10.50m (34ft 4"), 10.75m (35ft 3"), 11m (36ft 1"), 11.25m (36ft 9"), 11.50m (37ft 7"), 11.75m (38ft 5"), 12m (39ft 4"), 12.25m (40ft 2"), 12.50m (41ft), 12.75m (41ft 8"), 13m (42ft 7"), 13.25m (43ft 5"), 13.50m (44ft 3"), 13.75m (45ft 1"), 14m (45ft 9"), 14.25m (46ft 8"), 14.50m (47ft 6"), 14.75m (48ft 4"), 15m (49ft 2"), 15.25m (50ft), 15.50m (50ft 9"), 15.75m (51ft 7"), 16m (52ft 5"), 16.25m (53ft 3"), 16.50m (54ft 1"), 16.75m (55ft), 17m (55ft 8"), 17.25m (56ft 6"), 17.50m (57ft 4"), 17.75m (58ft 2"), 18m (59ft 1"), 18.25m (59ft 9"), 18.50m (60ft 7"), 18.75m (61ft 5"), 19m (62ft 3"), 19.25m (63ft 2"), 19.50m (64ft), 19.75m (64ft 8"), 20m (65ft 6"), 20.25m (66ft 4"), 20.50m (67ft 3"), 20.75m (68ft 1"), 21m (68ft 9"), 21.25m (69ft 7"), 21.50m (70ft 5"), 21.75m (71ft 4"), 22m (72ft 2"), 22.25m (73ft), 22.50m (73ft 8"), 22.75m (74ft 6"), 23m (75ft 5"), 23.25m (76ft 3"), 23.50m (77ft 1"), 23.75m (77ft 9"), 24m (78ft 7"), 24.25m (79ft 6"), 24.50m (80ft 4"), 24.75m (81ft 2"), 25m (82ft)

Don’t forget your essential accessories…

Geotextile Weed Membrane

Aquabond Adhesive

Each 310ml cartridge covers 3 – 4 linear metres.

Joining Tape

Separate Aquabond Adhesive is needed with this joining tape.

6″ Fixing Nails (50pk)

Our recommendation is to use 1 nail every 30cm.
Pack of 50 Nails


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