How to Lay Artificial Grass

How to Lay Artificial Grass Myself?

DIY Artificial Grass
Do it yourself or get a professional?

Laying artificial grass is something that can be done by a competent DIYer.

The ground work or preparation is definitely the hardest part of your project. Some people use a hardcore and sharp sand topper as a base or just simply a sharp sand base. This must be compacted down.

Here is a simplified breakdown of the whole process from start to finish.

  1. Remove old lawn and weed kill.
  2. Build a tanalized timber frame secured to wooden stakes in the ground with galvanised screws. This is a way to get your levels and also easier to fix your grass securely.
  3. Do your base, using 2″ hardcore and 1″ sharp sand or 1″ sharp sand either compacted with a whacker plate.
  4. Lay geotextile weed membrane and secure to the timber frame making sure all joins are overlaid.
  5. Lay the grass into position and trim. We would recommend doing all joins before you start trimming the edges as you may need to move slightly.
  6. Secure to timber frame every 40cm around the perimeter. You do not need to pin in the middle at all just the edges.
  7. If required sprinkle kiln dried sand on top to add weight to the product (not recommended with pets)
  8. Brush up with a stiff brush or hire a power brush.
  9. Enjoy your garden.
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