Caring for your Artificial Grass


It is important to consider drainage issues whilst you are creating a base for your artificial grass. Not only is an area that drains well more usable year-round, it helps to prolong the lifespan of your grass. As with anything, materials that continue to sit in water are encouraged to grow mould and begin to decay. Whether you chose to use our innovative Drainbase system, build a land-drain into your garden or a soak-away sub-base, drainage is an important consideration.

Garden with Poor Drainage

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Sand Infill

All our products are of the best European quality and have curly thatched under yarn that provides support for the grass fibres. For this reason, it is no longer necessary to infill your grass with sand. If you feel that your grass is going to receive significant wear, you may want to consider using some silica sand infill to provide further stability at the base of the pile but please also beware that this can encourage airborne weeds to embed into your grass.


If you have pets, you may be interested in trying to reduce the odours caused by pet urine. In this case we would always recommend using a polyurethane backed product. We currently have Pet Premium 30mm and Pet Luxury 38mm that are polyurethane backed. The polyurethane backing does not absorb the urine like the bitumen-latex backing and therefore the urine tends to soak through the drainage holes and into the sub-base.

As additional protection against pet odours, many people are choosing to use the Zeofill deodorizing sand as infill on top of their grass. Zeofill is a 100% natural product that is mined in Death Valley, Arizona. The product is non-toxic to both pets and humans and its properties allow it to absorb the urine and filter out the ammonia (which causes urine to smell). Not only does Zeofill aid with pet odours, it also significantly reduces heat absorption which helps to keep your pets and children safe when playing on the grass. Zeofill really is the perfect solution for keeping your grass fresh smelling and cool in the Summer.


The main form of maintenance with regards to keeping your artificial grass looking healthy is to ensure that it is not covered with debris for long periods of time. If leaves are allowed to lay dormant on your grass for long periods of time, these begin to breakdown and encourage weed and moss growth on your grass. To combat this issue, the main recommendation is to simply use a stiff brush against the pile of your grass and occasionally hose the area down. Some people do chose to use a vacuum cleaner or leaf blower to clean their grass which is also acceptable. You may also use soap on your grass if you feel it has become dirty but it is important to ensure that it does not contain bleach as this may affect the UV coating on the grass and cause your grass to discolour or melt.

If you are already at a stage where your grass has moss and weed build up, using weed killer is a valid option – but again please ensure that this does not contain bleach or solvent as this will also affect the UV coating. You may also want to consider hiring (or buying if you feel necessary) a power brush. This should be used against the pile and will help to remove any embedded debris as well as rejuvenate the pile of your grass and have it looking brand new.


All our grasses are UV-protected for 10 years, bar some products in the classic range, which are 5 or 7 years. This means that whilst they will fade over time, they will not fade to such an extent that they turn white within the timeframe stated.

Please be aware that regardless of the UV protection, if localised heat is applied to your grass it will melt. Melting can occur if the sun is reflected off a window, an outside mirror or through a glass table. This does not mean that you can’t have artificial grass if you have patio doors or reflective ornaments in your garden, it simply means that you need to find some way of curbing the glare onto your artificial grass – the most common solution is to apply an anti-glare film to said windows or glass surfaces.

Melting might also occur if a metal item is left on top of your grass and happens to heat to such an extent that the heat transfer causes melting. Furthermore, barbeques and firepits, even with a concrete slab underneath, can cause artificial grass to melt. Please be aware that melting is not covered under the manufacturers guarantee.

Window Reflection

Anti Glare Window Film

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