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What should I consider when purchasing the Best Artificial Grass for my garden.

Best Artificial Grass

If you are considering purchasing the Artificial Grass for your new garden lawn there are many things to consider. Many people obviously have a budget in mind and it can be quite an expensive project, but yarn quality, yarn type, thickness, Country of Manufacture, drainage, UV Protection, pile direction, joining, measuring up and more! I know mind boggling isn’t it. This guide will help you with all of this so do no worry!

So lets go through it one by one and hopefully this will help you in the purchase of your Artificial Grass.

Artificial Grass Yarn & Type.

You may think that all yarns are the same but they are not. There is different shapes of yarn and they all have different benefits.

Different artificial grass yarns
Which type is best?

C-Shape, V-Shape, W-Shape & Oval Yarn are the most common ones but the thickness of the strands is also a factor. The thinner the yarn, is normally classed as a low density yarn and not as good quality. It is not a bad product but is not as durable of other thicknesses.

C-Shape yarn gives a natural feel and touch with added strength so your artificial grass is more durable and bounces back up. Most commonly used in residential applications.

V-Shape yarn gives more durability but is a lot harsher to touch. Usually this type of artificial grass is used in commercial applications.

W-Shape yarn gives more rigidity but still soft to the touch. Used in more high traffic environment needing higher durability. Most commonly used in Residential & Commercial environments.

Oval yarn is the most common in residential artificial grass. It provides a soft touch but still giving durability.

So the key factors on choosing which yarn would suit you is the feel and the amount of traffic your new garden will get.

How thick should my artificial grass be?

Height of Artificial Grass
Which Pile Height Should I Choose?

Choosing a perfect pile height is just down to personal preference but the pile weight normally known or displayed as GSM (grams per square meter) is just as important.

For example you could have two different artificial grasses with a pile height of 25mm. One is 1565 GSM and the other is 3554 GSM. This means that there is a lot more yarn within the same area creating a more denser product.

Obviously you will see a massive difference in price also and this will explain to you why.

We would recommend a minimum pile height of 25mm for any lawn replacement and on average the most popular thickness is 25-35mm.

So take advantage of free samples and see the products for yourself. Our product Windsor 25mm was reviewed by the Daily Mail paper and recommended as a great budget grass at a great price.

Where is Artificial Grass Made?

European Manufactured Artificial Grass
European Artificial Grass is best!

The very best artificial grass is made throughout the world by many companies. There is a lot of grass available in the UK that has been imported from China and give them good will the product is getting better but the yarn is not as good quality as European yarn.

In our vast experience after getting sent many samples the product can look good to the eye but when it is on a big piece, it can be a little disappointing.

We strongly recommend always buying an Artificial Grass that is Manufactured within Europe as the standards are a lot higher. We rarely get any problems but if we do it is dealt with promptly. Stock is available quickly, if for some strange reason we run out of a product due to unforeseen high volumes of orders.

If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to get in touch.

Will my Fake Grass Fade?

UV Protected Artificial Grass
Does Artificial Grass Fade Over Time?

Nearly all artificial grass has a UV Protection rating. This is set from the quality of the manufacturing.

When the yarn is manufactured it is given a UV hours rating and depending on where the grass will be fitted or the closer to the equator then the lifespan will alter.

Based in the UK on average the UV protection will be between 8-10 years.

People do get mistaken that the grass will not fade. This is not the case, all artificial grass will fade over a period of time and hold its colour to the best it can.  UV protection stops it from going white and that is what will happen eventually. I have never seen this in all my years but it would be pretty cool at Christmas time haha!!

Artificial grass has to withstand a lot of weather situations and is extremely durable.

Many products will last longer than this but its a good timeline for you to plan for replacement like you would with a carpet. Only the replacement of the grass will be needed and a few improvements to the base is needed potentially so the cost will be a lot lower.

Working out what size i need?

Working out how much artificial grass you need can be hard work if you are unsure. We are here to help so if you do need any help and need reassurance please contact us.

Firstly we would advise to draw your garden on in the rough shape that it is. If it’s a simple square, rectangle or circle simply measure the widest length and width.

L shapes simply measure all sides and draw out on a sheet of paper.

Now all grasses are sold in 2m & 4m wide and can be joined together when batch matched. This is important as it is manufactured at the same time and there will be no difference in shade.

When joining artificial grass together, the pile direction has to run in exactly the same way. The widths in the same direction and the lengths also. They cannot be laid at 90 degree as they will look completely different.

We also recommend the pile direction coming towards you as this generally gives you the best look. We would always recommend ordering at least 25cm extra than your exact measurements.

To join the artificial grass you have to use special tape and adhesive and all edges need to be freshly trimmed before joining. If you do not trim before joining it will be noticeable. You need to make sure that you allow for the trimming of the joins in your calculations.

Make sure you also order geotextile weed membrane to stop those weeds as they will ruin your artificial grass.

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