Why do Landscapers choose us as an Artificial Grass Wholesaler

Artificial Grass Wholesaler UK

As one of the largest importers we are renowned to be the best artificial grass wholesaler. We provide the best prices, products and service available online today.

Whether you are just starting out in the industry knowledge is vital and at Artificial Grass Direct we have all the experience to help you succeed. We will provide you with large trade samples to show your customers and by registering for a regular trade account you will have access to our wholesale artificial grass.

Stocking full rolls can be beneficial but roll ends are profit. We take this headache away from you and ensure you get the right products at the right cost with minimal waste. Less waste means more profit and the ability to offer the best posible price to you customers.

As the Artificial Grass Industry grows year on year, it’s understandable that many landscapers are starting to offer their services.

If you would like to discuss further or have any questions at all then please feel free to drop us a call on 01772629654.

We guarantee you the best artificial grass available and at unbeatable prices. Free samples and free UK delivery with all orders!

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