Why we offer the best artificial grass for dogs uk and what are the key benefits

Many people have concerns about stains when considering artificial grass for dogs uk. All our grasses are manufactured to the highest of standards and are fully pet friendly, easy to clean and odourless. Using water and the usual cleaning detergents is enough to maintain spoiled areas.

We never recommend jet washing as the pressure may be too high, simply use a stiff brush with water and hose away.

Artificial Grass for Dogs
UK Dogs Love Artificial Grass!

Dogs actually think it’s the same as real grass and the soft and luscious pile makes it very comfortable for them to roll over and play on.

Unlike real grass your pet will never have muddy footprints and muck all over them helping to keep your home nice and clean.

As it never grows and always looks in perfect condition, it is easy to see whether your dog has done anything that needs picking up.

Take a browse through our online store and order free samples direct to your door. If you need any help or advice on any of our grasses please feel free to contact us. With many years of expertise including installation we are here to help.

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